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One type of equipment is directly proportional to the use of the car is the Single Post Inground Car Washing Lift, which is now the main auxiliary equipment used in all major fields. Now advocate green low-carbon environmental protection, then how should we achieve true low-carbon environmental protection in the use of elevators?

Single Post Inground Car Washing Lift

1. Prevent standby as much as possible; after use, you should cut off the power. Many customers will save the time, just like pressing the TV remote control button, directly shutting down in one step, so that not only wastes electricity, but also many The insecure factor, and then in the standby state, the electrical system is still operating, it is easy to have circuit failure;

2. Frequently infused with butter; most customers often find in daily use that the equipment will be accompanied by an increase in the use time of the Single Post Car Lift, the friction will increase, and there will be noise, and the butter can reduce friction. There is no need to do vain work around the circle, by the way, about electricity;

3. It is strictly forbidden to overload; the operation within the rated load can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but it is not excluded that the customer only pursues the efficiency when using it. In the process of lifting, there may even be overloading, and the chicken can only be stolen. M, unfortunately;

4. Test the machine in advance; the test machine is not only to test the safety performance of the Single Post Inground Car Lift, but also has the effect of preheating in advance, so that the activity of the cylinder, the motor, and especially the hydraulic oil can enter the queue ahead of time. Field state, reducing resistance during work and saving energy;

5. Just enough, this is a kind of homework skills. People with relevant work experience will know that when the height is raised to the target height, the up button is released because of inertia, and it may rise a distance, so it is just right. After the control is accumulated for a long time, there will be obvious miraculous effects in saving energy.



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