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Operational points of One Post Inground Car Washing Lift

The ground level of the two-platform installation of the One Post Inground Car Washing Lift is at the same level. This is because the mechanical safety of the large and small scissor lifts is synchronized with the upper and lower ends of the cylinder. Only in this way can the same base insurance be guaranteed. When the position is locked, the two lift platforms are at the same level. When the operation is down, some products have a falling delay function, you can directly press the down button. Some products have no falling delay function in the electronic control part. You must press the up button first, then the safety tooth should be disengaged from the locked position and then press the down button. .

One Post Inground Car Washing Lift

Most of the One Post Inground Car Washing Lift uses a differential cylinder to ensure the synchronization of the main/sub-platform. It uses the volume of the upper chamber of the master cylinder and the lower chamber of the sub-cylinder to achieve synchronization. For manual refueling, the scissor lift may be sealed by a manual ball valve. Leakage or leakage inside the main/sub-cylinder, causing the main Furi platform to be out of sync. The ball valve should be opened to actively replenish the oil. If the replenishment is too frequent (interval less than one month), check the hydraulic system and replace the cylinder seal or ball valve. For electric refueling, the two-way solenoid valve spool should be checked first, and then the cylinder should be inspected.

The connection end of the One Post Inground Car Washing Lift must be checked regularly. If the circlip is loose and the fastener is loose, it must be tightened in time. In the past two years, most manufacturers have adopted self-locking locknuts, and the external brackets have been replaced with closed-loop connections to reduce the influence of the rollover force on the bracket joints, effectively preventing the looseness of the bracket joints.



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