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Elevator emergency manual valve: When the power supply fails, the car can be emergencyly lowered to the nearest floor position to open the door. Manual pump: When the system fails, the manual pump can be operated to pump high pressure oil to raise the car to the nearest floor position. Pipeline rupture valve: When the hydraulic system pipeline ruptures the car stalls down, the oil circuit can be automatically cut off to stop falling. Fuel tank oil temperature protection: When the oil temperature in the fuel tank exceeds the standard set value, the oil temperature protection device generates a signal, suspends the elevator use, and starts the elevator when the oil temperature drops. The hydraulic freight elevator has simple structure, convenient operation and high cost performance. It is widely used in various high-altitude work with the development of society and consciousness. After the completion of the customized hydraulic freight elevator according to customer needs, it is necessary to load and transport to the customer site. Because the production base and the customer demand a certain distance, some are in the same city, some are too far apart and the transportation method is different, but In any case, safe loading and unloading is very important, and the forklift and crane loading and unloading must be smoothly transitioned.

Mini Hydraulic Movable Car Lift

For the lift, it is also necessary to check the hydraulic oil level and oil quality of the machine, the hydraulic system of the lifting platform. We usually use 32# hydraulic oil. The use of proper oil is also an important way to protect the machine. When the lifting height of the lifting platform reaches ***, the hydraulic oil should be 40 to 50 mm above the bottom of the fuel tank. When the oil is abnormal, such as when the color of the oil becomes dark and the oil contains debris. It is necessary to replace the hydraulic oil in time to protect the normal use and daily maintenance of the machine. Second, the year-end maintenance of the hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to monthly maintenance, year-end maintenance is also very important. At the end of the year, the hydraulic and pipe joints of the machine should be replaced in time according to the existing damage. Also clean the suction filter, then return it to the tank in the original position, and the tank should be replaced with new oil. Only pay attention to the maintenance of the lifting platform, so that the lifting platform can better serve people. The above is the method we have introduced for you to maintain the lifting platform.




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