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Xiaobian's analysis of the reasons for the lack of pressure system for the Lincoln Mini Portable Quick Lift hydraulic system is as follows:

Lincoln Mini Portable Quick Lift

1. The hydraulic pump is a Lincoln Portable Quick Lift, a lifting platform, and the lifting freight elevator can output hydraulic oil. If there is no hydraulic oil output, it may be a lift, and the pump of the lifting platform, such as the lifting freight elevator, is not in the right direction. At this time, the motor phase should be adjusted. For hydraulic oil output, check each oil return pipe. If the set pressure is low, tighten the relief valve pressure regulating spring. If the pressure still does not change, it may be that the main valve core of the relief valve or the pilot valve of the pilot part is stuck in the open position due to dirt or rust, or is lost due to spring breakage, or the pump block is blocked due to dirt. The hydraulic oil immediately flows through the overflow valve to the tank. Remedy: Disassemble the relief valve, clean it, check or replace the spring, and restore its working performance.

Second, the pressure oil leaks from the high pressure chamber to the low pressure chamber, which may be due to the safety valve not being closed, or the seal ring at the piston rod or piston may be damaged.

3. If the whole system can establish normal pressure, and there is no pressure in some pipelines or hydraulic cylinders and motors, it may be blocked in small holes, throttle valves, reversing valves, etc., and the pressure and oil should be checked one by one. The liquid is excluded by finding out the cause.

4. If the output flow of the Lincoln Mini Portable Quick Lift pump decreases significantly with the increase of pressure and the pressure does not reach the specified value, it is due to the increase of the gap after the pump is damaged, and should be repaired or replaced.



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