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    Inground Truck Car Quick Lift

    The Inground Truck Car Quick Lift is made of high-strength aluminum profiles. Due to the high strength of the profile, the deflection and swing of the lift are minimal. It adopts double-column structure, large load capacity, large platform area, excellent stability, flexible operation and convenient implementation.
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Inground Truck Car Quick Lift features compact structure, small size, light weight, easy to move, and can be operated by one person on the ground. The machine is equipped with a tipping bracket that can tilt the machine through the lower passage and enter the elevator at any floor. The operation can adapt to various trucks with chain protection and self-locking protection function to enhance safety and reliability. The Inground Truck Car Quick Lift can be operated in both directions, and the working platform provides a 220V AC power jack for easy operation.

The Luxmain Inground Truck Car Lift is a safe and practical lift with a unique PLA synchronization system to ensure synchronization during the ascent and descent between the lift columns. Mechanical locks and hydraulics are also installed. The throttle plate makes the lift safer.

Inground Truck Car Quick Lift

Yantai Luxmain Car Lift Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, Equipped with over 100 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments and precision inspection instruments, LUXMAIN dedicates in the design & development, manufacturing and services of inground lifts, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic control system. The annual production capacity in inground car lifts reaches 10,000 sets, specialized high pressure oil cylinders reaches 40,000 pieces and hydraulic control system reaches 10,000 sets. The products are mainly car jack lift, Quick Lift, Inground Lift, etc. Our products are widely applied in Automotive Industry, Vehicle maintenance, Construction machinery etc.

Companies keep the direction of "professional, standards ,innovation", guided by technological innovation, quality assurance as a guarantee, to provide users with safe, accurate and efficient standardized products, personalized customization.

During the Inground Truck Car Quick Lift swing operation, the lower arm must be lifted to a certain height before the swing can be performed. The swing should be slow. At the same time, pay attention to whether the distance between the shear arm and the platform for each device meets the safety requirements. The operator on the work platform should wear it. Seat belts, when working in a live area, the car body should be grounded according to the regulations. Inground Truck Car Quick Lift should be commanded by the person in charge of the work. The person in charge should contact the operator of the lifting platform in accordance with the provisions of GB5082. The signal sent must be clear and accurate. Before the Inground Truck Car Quick Lift operation, the person in charge of the aluminum alloy lifting platform should give technical and safety advice to the operator. In addition to checking the condition of the vehicle and the operators, the person in charge of the work is also responsible for checking whether the terrain environment, the take-off and landing meet the requirements of safety technical measures or the work plan formulated in advance. If there is any discrepancy, the corresponding measures should be worked out. start working.

Inground Truck Car Lift


1.What is the height of high palm equipped with the quick lift ?

It can be up to 460mm equipped with rubber block ,can be up to 560mm with high palm 

2.What is the temperature that he quick lift need 46# hydraulic oil? Use which hydraulic oils below this temperature?

3.Recommendation: Use 46# anti-wear hydraulic oil when the local average temperature is less than -10 °C. It is recommended to use 32# anti-wear hydraulic oil when it is less than -10 °C.

What is the motor power of the quick lift?

12V power unit needs 1600W,220Vpower unit needs 750W。

4.Can the inverter be used with the 12V or 220V quick lift? any size can be used?

5.Inverter can be used. 220V can be converted to 12V and DC transformer is available. 220V power unit needs to use 12V to become 220V inverter, and the power needs to be greater than 1.5KW. In the same way, if the generator is used to drive 220V, the power is also required to be greater than 1.5KW.

Can a quick lift make a taller lifting frames? 

This product is not customized, more product models please look through  official website.


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