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    Hydraulic Two post Inground lift

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Hydraulic Two post Inground lift In recent years, with the development of the domestic auto repair industry, due to the convenience of disassembly and use of the car lift, it is especially convenient to repair small and medium-sized cars, thus gradually replacing the "ditch" mode commonly used in the maintenance of automobiles, and becoming a car repair. The industry has the necessary equipment for secondary maintenance qualifications, especially in automotive 4S stores, which has been regulated by the transportation department. Practice over the years has shown that due to the strict requirements and quality of the country's car lift manufacturers, the car repair industry and users (especially 4S stores) have strict procedures and management, production and sales of the use of maintenance car lifts. The unit's careful maintenance and repair of the car lift ensures that the car lift ensures its safety during use, and the accident rate has been relatively low.

Hydraulic Two post Inground lift

Two post Inground Car lift The definition of the "lift" is only a rated lifting weight greater than or equal to 0.5t, and does not set any rated standard for the up and down or translation distance. The definition of the second "crane" has a lifting capacity of 1t. Rated standard, but also has a lifting height of 2m and above. According to the usual understanding, although the lifting weight is more than 1t, but the lifting height is generally about 1.8m, there is no car lift up to or exceeding 2m, according to this article The definition of “crane” is obviously not within the scope of certain special equipment. However, some technical supervision personnel have set aside the definition of “crane” and quote the definition of “elevator” in this article as a comparison. The lifting weight has exceeded 0.5t, regardless of the lift height, and should be included in the scope of special equipment. But this interpretation makes people feel very far-fetched: the definition of "lift" can generalize or replace the definition of "crane". If so, is it not too much and sloppy to put these two definitions side by side and determine the different criteria?




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