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 Hydraulic single post Inground lift , lifting platform is a multi-functional lifting machine, and the lift is usually used for rescue and decoration. In modern times, we used to lift goods. It is a kind of wooden ladder. It is very inconvenient to use and it is dangerous when climbing. The first city in China to install lifts is Shanghai. Since most manufacturers or individuals have chosen more multi-storey buildings in order to improve the utilization rate of the site, a device is also needed to facilitate the lifting of the descending goods up and down. Due to the high cost of ordinary elevators and low carrying capacity, it is not suitable for loading goods of several tens of tons or hundreds of tons. Therefore, hydraulic lifts with high carrying capacity have been developed to assist production and cargo transportation. The lift is safe and has a large load capacity, and the maintenance is convenient, which makes this special industry have a faster development. So what do you need to pay attention to during the maintenance of the elevator?

Inground lift

1. Pay attention to the regular maintenance, because the personnel enter the lifting platform during the maintenance of the lifting platform, the lifting machine must be suspended to prevent the lifting platform from falling suddenly and causing casualties.

2. Check the lubrication and wear of the roller, the intermediate shaft and the bearing, the cylinder pin shaft and the bearing, the boom hinge shaft and the bearing, and must be filled with lubricating oil to extend the service life of the bearing.

3. Also pay attention to the year-end maintenance, check the hydraulic pressure and pipe connection parts, the pipe is damaged, remember to replace it immediately, and tighten the pipe joint when the connection part is loose.

4. If the lift cannot be lifted or the lifting force is weak, please pay attention to the failure of the relief valve pressure regulation. It may be that the pressure is adjusted to the required value or because the cylinder is leaking, check or replace the cylinder assembly, the reversing valve is clamped or Is leaking, remember to check the replacement valve assembly

5. There is a problem with mercury supply. Remember to check or replace mercury regularly.

6. Inground lift In normal use, pay attention to selecting a little hydraulic oil, and also to prevent the incorporation of impurities, timing cleaning hydraulic pressure

Nowadays, the society is developing at a rapid speed. For mechanized construction enterprises, the good condition of engineering machinery technology is a direct factor for the normal production of enterprises. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance in the usual use to protect your company. . There are other questions about the lifts, please leave a message, and the Lifting Kesi Lift will provide you with intimate service.




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