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Home Movable Mini Portable Quick Lift everyday attention to detail: for old auto repair shop, in the lift everyday use what issues need attention, probably will be very clear, but for aftermarket brothers just join on the need to learn a lot.

Home Movable Mini Portable Quick Lift

Double column usage details:

1. In the process of using the double column, pay attention to the closing and closing of the lifting arm safety tooth. The double column lifting safety tooth must be in the closed safety state! Otherwise there is a risk of slipping and causing a rollover!

2, under the insurance state can enter the car work!

3. Position the lifting arm top plate as far as possible in the center position to avoid side slip!

4. The height of the top plate of the four lifting arms is basically the same, and it cannot be uneven.

Scissor usage details:

1, to observe Movable Mini Portable Quick Lift are consistent! After a long time, there may be a phenomenon of unevenness, and at this time, the leveling of the equipment is required.

2. Whether the insurance is normally opened and closed, the safety tooth must be in the closed state before the vehicle bottom operation can be carried out!

3, the rubber pad must be placed in the normal position, it is best to be stuck at the center point, and you need to choose the corresponding height of the rubber pad according to the situation! Pay attention to the position of the center of gravity of the vehicle.

Four column usage details:

1. Is the insurance consistent? Is the safety lock sound consistent? If the sound is different, then it needs to be leveled!

2, you must enter the car under the Home Mini Portable Quick Lift insurance!



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