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Double Platform Car Lift Mini Car Lift Three structural forms of the scissor lift platform

The purpose of this discussion is to analyze the characteristics of the gas-liquid-moving scissor lift platform mechanism and discuss the problems that should be paid attention to during design and its application range. The gas-liquid movable scissor lifting platform has the characteristics of easy manufacture, low price, solid and durable, and convenient maintenance. It has been widely used in civil aviation, transportation, metallurgy, automobile manufacturing and other industries. This design focuses on small household hydraulic lifting platforms. In the process of designing a gas-liquid-moving scissor lift platform, we generally consider the following three design options.

Three structural forms of the gas-liquid movable scissor lift platform. Two support rods AB and MN of equal length are hinged to the middle point E of the two rods, and the M and A ends of the two rods are respectively hinged on the flat plate and the frame, and the B and N ends of the two rods are respectively hinged with the two rollers, and Roll in the guide slots on the upper plate and the frame. The lower part of the driving hydraulic cylinder is not fixed to the frame, and the upper piston rod is in contact with the upper flat ball socket by the ball head. The hydraulic cylinder lifts the upper plate vertically by the piston rod.

Double Platform Car Lift

The horizontal hydraulic cylinder piston rod and the support rod MN are hinged at N. The hydraulic cylinder drives the piston rod control platform to vertically lift.

The rear end of the cylinder block and the frame are hinged at G, and the head of the piston rod and the support rod AB are hinged at F. The hydraulic cylinder drives the piston rod to control the vertical lift of the platform.

According to the installation form of the hydraulic cylinder, the form of the diagram a is an upright fixed scissor structure, and the form of the figure b is a horizontal fixed scissor type in the form of a double articulated scissor structure.

The vertical fixed scissor structure, the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder is equal to the lifting stroke of the platform, the overall structure size is large, and the ball hinge processing load is less applied in practical applications.

Double Platform Car Lift Horizontally fixed scissor mechanism, through analysis and calculation, the lifting stroke of the platform is larger than the stroke of the hydraulic cylinder, and the purpose of rapid control lifting can be realized in the application process, but the disadvantage is that the piston rod is affected by the lateral force and affects the sealing member. The service life. Moreover, the load on the piston rod is much larger than the load on the actual platform. So it is rarely used in practice.




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