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    1 Post Washing Inground Car Lift

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1 Post Washing Inground Car Lift Outriggers: mechanical legs, hydraulic legs, ordinary hand-legs, pull-out legs

Control system: explosion-proof electronic control system, remote control system, PIC control system

Hydraulic pump station: special pumping station for domestic lifting platform, imported pump station in Italy

External protection device: organ cover type, mesh type, iron plate sealed type.

The hydraulic lift is here to recommend new bases for everyone.

1 Post Washing Inground Car Lift

Washing Inground Car Lift Lussmann is a professional manufacturer of barrier-free lifting platforms, disabled lifts, wheelchair-accessible lifting platforms, and barrier-free equipment. The main products are: barrier-free lifting platform, barrier-free lifting machine, barrier-free equipment, disabled lifting platform, disabled lift, disabled equipment, disabled equipment, disabled wheelchair lifting platform, wheelchair lift, home villa lifting platform, slope Road hoists, car wheelchair lifts, wheelchair lifts, stair hoists, inclined lifts and inclined lifting platforms are widely used in residential areas, family villas, administrative office buildings, subways, banks and gymnasiums, hotels, In public places such as hospitals, it is mainly to solve the problem of people walking inconvenience and the difficulty of climbing up and down stairs or stairs. The company insists on designing barrier-free equipment for each customer based on the actual situation and needs of customers, and provides comprehensive product services.




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